Our history


Tartes & Quiches was born in Waterloo, Belgium, in the pastry shop of Nicolas. Since 2015, pies are shaped and hand-filled and baked in a small oven.
Nicolas cultivates a passion for taste and quality ingredients.


Nicolas Willaerts

Nicolas Willaert
The founder of Tartes & Quiches is Nicolas, who began passionately to bake muffins and cookies in the kitchen that his grandmother had arranged for him in the cellar. He practiced his art on the occasion of family celebrations and meetings with friends. Always curious to experiment, Nicolas has also started to make pastries that have also had great success with his family. Very quickly, his kitchen became too small to contain all the friends who participated in tasting evenings offered by Nicolas. That's when he decided to make pastry his profession. With a pastry friend was born the idea of ​​opening a tea room in which were served his pastries. The clientele has not stopped growing and, to meet the growing demand, Nicolas had to open a larger workshop and dedicate himself solely to production. One day, someone asked him for a gluten-free cake. The pastry being his passion, Nicolas took up this new challenge and made this cake with great pleasure. Since, after a thorough study of the subject, surrounded by professionals, he became an expert in the field. The orders have continued to increase, Nicolas surrounded himself with a great team and opened an even bigger workshop. Always in a traditional way, we make gluten-free and / or lactose-free quiche and pies which are a real delight. The demand is such now that our products are present in a large area offering quality craft products and meet the expectations of customers of the food service.

Ours products / Our pies

De pâtes qui croquent en crèmes douces et de fruits frais en tartes salées, rien ne nous manque pour les petits creux. Et dans nos recettes, un joli secret : tout est fabriqué sans gluten, et sans lactose. Une bonne idée ne vient jamais seule. C’est pour ça qu’il y a une ribambelle de tartes sucrées et salées dans notre gamme. Nos recettes, sans gluten ou sans gluten et sans lactose, ne font aucune concession au niveau des saveurs. Ça pétille pour les papilles, sans différence avec les pâtisseries classiques. Le goût passe avant tout. Et pour les ingrédients, c’est simple, on ne prend que ce qu’il y a de meilleur. Et si c’est local ou bio (comme nos œufs), c’est encore mieux !

Tartes & Quiches, today

In 2017, Nicolas decided to create the brand Tartes & Quiches, dedicated to the range Pies & quiches without gluten, gluten and lactose. He will develop on this occasion a new workshop on Nivelles in 2018 in order to meet the growing demand for day by day. Now the workshop is even bigger. And we still make crafts quiches and pies without gluten and / or without lactose which are a real delight. We produce even enough that to garnish the rays of a large area of ​​quality and customers of the food service.