Our history

Our founder is Nicolas. He started by baking muffins and cookies in his grandmother’s cellar. Since they were very good, he was being asked for more and more. He then started making pastries. They were even better, he had more and more customers. Everyone was no longer going into his grandmother’s basement. He must have opened a large workshop. Discover

Our products

From dough to sweet creams and fresh fruit to savoury pies, there’s nothing we don’t need for the little hungers. And in our recipes, a nice secret: everything is made gluten-free, and lactose-free. A good idea never comes alone. That’s why there’s a whole bunch of sweet and savoury pies in our range. Our recipes, gluten-free or gluten-free and lactose-free, make no concessions in terms of flavours. It sparkles for the taste buds, without any difference from the classic pastries. Taste comes first. And for the ingredients, it’s simple, we only take what’s best. And if it’s local or organic (like our eggs), it’s even better!


A crispy dough and quality ingredients, our sweet pies will awaken your taste buds.


Or Salty

In their small individual size, these small salty pies will make you hungry at any time of the day.



You are motivated (e) and dynamic, greedy (e), full of ideas and always at the top, join us!

This is the way !


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